Oklahoma native Rebecca Lemke grew up in a tiny conservative homeschooling community. The virtues of modesty and purity were a large focus of her childhood, and while she believes that they are wonderful goals, she has learned firsthand that the manner in which they are approached can be the difference between life and death, both spiritually and physically.

Rebecca has a heart for the victims of spiritual, mental, physical, sexual, and emotional abuse. As the result of her deep-seated belief in holistic living, which includes holistic spirituality and sexuality, she strongly advocates for Christ to be our ultimate focus. With her book, The Scarlet Virgins, she takes on the deceptive lies of legalistic purity culture with intimate vulnerability and love.

Rebecca Lemke Public Speaking

Presentations Offered:

Redefining Purity

Have you been told that you’ve “given your heart away” because you had a crush on someone and didn’t end up marrying them? Perhaps you’ve heard that if you’ve kissed, hugged, or held hands with someone that you are now “tainted,” “dirty water,” or “used goods?” Maybe you’ve given your virginity away before marriage and are wondering what you could possibly offer to your future spouse now that your “most precious gift” is gone? This is the talk for you.

Rebecca will share the true definition of purity with you, and it doesn’t have anything to do with what you have and haven’t done.

Scarlet Virgins: Why the way we talk about ‘purity’ matters

In a sex saturated world, many parents, educators, and Christian leaders are left wondering, “How do we impress upon our children the virtue of purity?”

This is a valid question, and one that many try to answer in ways that lead to destruction and pain. Through heartbreaking personal stories from childhood, Rebecca will take you on a journey to understanding how not to talk about purity. Through respectful recognition and acknowledgement of the intentions on the part of the parents and thought leaders of her generation, she’ll reveal how their efforts went wrong and the one way to correct them in any circumstance.

Broken in Jesus

“What will the neighbors think?”

“You need to keep this quiet!”

“Don’t tell anyone about this, okay?”

These are all common statements Rebecca and her peers have heard when discussing sensitive topics, especially in relation to Christianity.

While giving credence to the fact that difficult discussions need to be handled with care, she challenges the assumption that taboo topics shouldn’t be discussed in Christian circles. Through sharing her own trials and tribulations, Rebecca will share with you why she no longer fears being openly broken in Jesus.

Pain and Productivity

Pain and productivity don’t go together.

Or do they?

Through life experiences that range from humorous to tragic, Rebecca shares how she began thinking about pain in a whole new way. Pain often drives compulsive behaviors, most of which are harmful. Rebecca believes that pain is a tool, and through acceptance and redirection, you can change your pain from being a drain to fueling productivity and health in your life.
Rebecca Lemke Public Speaking

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